hyu - they/them - korean - sep 21 - infj - phlegmatic - 6w5

hi, i'm hyu! the most important thing to know about me is that i'm a glasses and boob enthusiast (jk, but also not really). i love all kinds of art, shows, and games too! let's be friends!

vidya - enstars, im@s, id7, bnyr, fgo, fe:a/f/h, ichu, tkrb, tox/2, tob, overwatch, indie horror games, pokemon, ace attorney, elsword, hatoful bf, amnesia, hakuouki, dialovers, danganronpa
anime/manga - 07-ghost, gintama, tnb, ouran, ywpd, naruto, dr3, i'll come back to this one
extra - drawing, music, dnd, critrole, game grumps, roleplay, oceans/water, horror, documentaries, and other shenanigans

byf - just some housekeeping stuff
don't follow if you meet the standard dfi criteria.
i get incredibly anxious seeing drama on my tl, so please try to warn for that so i can mute you, or take it to another twitter.
please tag mentions/images of animal abuse (harm, death, etc).
i'm sensitive to really saturated colors and flashing lights
i have a lot of mental illnesses but i try not to talk too much about it here
i do my best to follow/tag what my mutuals need, so i expect others to do the same for me! thank you!